1. Ms. Tee

    Hi CapsuleDiva, first I want to thank you for the Fall/Winter Capule I’m really enjoying seeing how you put wardrobes together. I live in Michigan which is very cold in winter, most days a very heavy jacket or coat is needed. My question is how do you wear long cardigans and vests when the weather is so cold you need coats and jackets? Can you wear cardigans and vest with coats and jackets? And by the way the kids rooms look great.

    • Hi Ms. Tee! I do wear my long cardigan under my coats and jackets – even if the coat is not long enough to cover the cardigan. I’ve been on the hunt this year for a longer parka that would cover the cardigan, but until I find one, I just try not to worry about the cardigan hanging lower than the coat, or sometimes I will fold up the cardigan under the coat so it isn’t visible. Thanks for you compliments!!

  2. Our lego collection looks like yours! I love that you have 3 designated spots for toys….sounds like an easier way to contain the clutter! Thanks for linking up with us for the Clear the Clutter Challenge.

  3. Love the Lego collection! We have a similar Lego situation! These are all such great tips- having designated space for toys really is key! Thanks for linking up!

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