1. I’m a fellow KY gal and am working on creating a more capsule like wardrobe too. I have found buying only pieces I can mix and match allows my closet to be so much less cluttered and causes me a lot less stress in the mornings!

  2. I am definitely not a capsule wardrobe kind of girl, but you definitely have given yourself a ton of options with this one! Stripes and gingham are always a must have. And the different color skinny jeans. I think you pretty much nailed it! Great choices. and I love the color palette you chose. Thanks so much for linking up with me!


  3. I love how many pieces you included in this capsule! 24, wow! The tops you chose are definitely essential for fall. I could totally see myself wearing them.

    ~xo Sheree

  4. I enjoyed reading about your capsule wardrobe. I’ve been paring down mine as well. It’s not a true “capsule” wardrobe, but I’ve limited myself to a handful of colors. It’s been fun, and I’ve found it much easier to pack and put outfits together.

  5. Jennifer

    I’d love to do this but have three questions — the first one is key:
    1) I am overweight (size 20 W). Lost 30 lbs last year but have put a significant amount back on because of severe back pain. I recently had surgery but am still in pain and that will take about a year to subside. I want to lose a total of about 80 lbs and know I can do it but it likely won’t happen until I am active again. As I am not pleased with my look I am unhappy with every single clothing item I own, and how they fit/look on me. I have been stuck with finding little that fits (and nothing that fits well) so I have a lot of random pieces — most of them ill-fitting/baggy or frumpy. Any suggestions?
    2) Your capsule is casual. How do you do a capsule if you need work (office-appropriate) and casual items and stick to so few items?
    3) How can one capsule-ize shoes/boots/sandals and costume jewelry? I have way too many of the former because as an overweight woman, it’s way more fun to buy footwear than to think of buying and trying on clothes I know I won’t like.
    Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!

    • Hi Jennifer, I totally get what you are saying with weight struggles and making clothes harder. My own weight has been up and down my whole life. What I can tell you is that when I switched to using the capsule wardrobe this summer, I found that I only kept around the items that I liked the best and felt looked the best on me. For me, that has been layers for more coverage, and also being willing to spend a little bit more on a better quality and better fitting item rather than always shopping the clearance shelf.

      As far as converting to from a casual wardrobe (which mine definitely is – I work full-time for a large corporation, but work from home), I’d suggest focusing on swapping out the pants options for similar color but in a fabric more work-appropriate, and going closer to 30-ish items total instead of the 24 I have. Instead of burgundy skinny jeans, look for burgundy ankle pants. Some of the tops will still work for a business casual workplace, but other items, like the utility vest could be swapped for a cardigan or dressy jacket. I’d still keep at least one casual top for weekends. If your dress code is business professional, I’d say you are going to have to have two separate wardrobes, but maybe each could be 18 or so items.

      Your shoes question is a tough one for me – I don’t use a capsule approach for shoes. I have always LOVED shoes and I have quite a few. But one suggestion I have to to track which shoes you actually wear over a period of a few months, and then consider getting rid of the ones you haven’t worn. Also get rid of any that show obvious signs of wear. I store my shoes on a shelving unit, so my plan for January is to turn them all with toes facing the same direction, and after I wear them, reverse them when I put them back on the shelf. That way I easily know which ones I’ve worn and which I haven’t. Summer shoes I will wait to evaluate until a few months into the summer.

      Hope this helps!

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