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I recently wrote about three things I learned from my first season’s capsule wardrobe. Today I want to share more about one of those three things – planning!

So why is planning important?

I learned the importance of planning in a hurry after purging almost all my clothes.   I then quickly realized that I still couldn’t figure out what to wear.  A capsule wardrobe doesn’t change the fact that you still have to create outfits from your clothes. That isn’t easy to do consistently.

I don’t want to wear the same outfit over and over. Planning also helps ensure variety in what I wear from day to day.

I’ve developed a solution that solves both these issues. When I select the items for my capsule, I now make a list of four or five outfits per week for each week I plan to use my capsule.

I take it a step further than just the list and create images of all the outfits I plan.  Then I create cards with a picture of each outfit.  I call my cards “Closet Cards”.

Closet Card Example 1

The time spent on creating Closet Cards is well worth the benefits:

Sorting the Closet Cards ensures variety from day to day:  My outfit for the day is the top card on my stack.  After I pull my clothes from the closet, I move that card to the back.  I make sure no similar outfits are within four or five cards of each other.  This ensures I’ll have variety from one day to another.  I find this is an easy visual exercise, but much harder when just looking at my written list.

multiple card example

Closet Cards make it easy to flag my favorite outfits for repeat wear: When I find an outfit combination I really love, I want to wear it every couple of weeks.  By using the cards, I can flag the outfits I like and want to repeat.  I do this by refiling them closer to the front instead of in the back. You could also just turn them sideways in the back of the stack and pull from those cards two or three days a week.

Closet cards allow me to easily reorder the outfits when life happens:  There will be days when the outfit you planned to wear doesn’t suit the activities you have for that day.  I’m not going to wear heels when we have a park play date with friends.   I might want to dress up on date night.

The weather may not suit the outfit either.  I want to wear my warmest outfits on the coldest winter days, and shorts are a must on those 100 degree summer days.

I can easily pull the second (or third) card in the pile when the top card just isn’t right for the day.

It’s easy to sign up to receive all the Closet Cards I create – just subscribe to my email list.  As new sets of Closet Cards are available, you can also access them in the Closet Cards section of the blog.  I’ve just added the whole set of Closet Cards from my summer capsule.  The Closet Cards for my fall capsule will be posted soon.

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